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Working with the At-Risk Adolescent

EDUC 2000

This course is designed to help educators understand the at-risk adolescent in the classroom. In this course educators will explore why adolescents may be at-risk, strategies to help with at-risk behaviors, and establish resources to help with classroom management.


Students enrolled in the class will…   

  1. Understand the various life conditions of the at-risk adolescent.
  2. Reflect on current practices with at-risk students and grow in methods to better relationships with these students.
  3. Reflect on communication techniques with adolescents and their support systems.
  4. Understand different behavioral interventions that can lead to positive class dynamics.
  5. Provide resources to continue to learn and grow when faced with situations at work.

Required Textbook/Reading:

There will be no required textbook. Readings will be assigned via blackboard for each module.