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Daring Teachers & Counselors

CNED 2000

Do you want to be more daring in your classroom and in your life?  In this class, we explore what it means to be a daring teacher and some of the things that get in the way of doing so.  In order to be daring in our work and at home we have to understand vulnerability, shame, fear, and disconnection.  This class is about being resilient in the face of these difficulties, and understanding how being resilient benefits the students you serve.  The class is highly interactive and experiential in nature, and is grounded in the research of Brene’ Brown.  


Students will:

  • understand what it means to be “Daring” at work and home.
  • learn the difference between the shame, guilt, humiliation and embarrassment. 
  • understand the concepts of vulnerability and fear.
  • be able to describe the effects of shame and vulnerability on people’s lives. 
  • understand the importance of recognizing their shame and shame triggers, as well as begin to recognize these in others.
  • unpack societal stereotypes and their role in maintaining vulnerability and shame. 
  • learn practices for shame resilience.
  • engage in practices for shame resilience and self-care.

"Very interesting and excellent info that will help me help my students. I like the fact that it was a traditional face-2-face setting!"

"The conversation(s) we had we could apply skills to our own lives. It was purposeful and beneficial."

"Attitude approach of the instructor was positive and encouraging. Ability to work in small groups helped to "get to know" some of the participants."

"Course connected to the Trauma Sensitive Schools training that is happening in North Dakota schools."


Optional book:  Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brene Brown. Book is available at Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble.