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PD for Me Weekly Webchats

EDUC 2000

Prairie Public’s PD for Me Weekly Webchat series is designed to help teachers like you explore resources, get inspiration, test ideas, and connect with like-minded educators - all from the cozy, convenient comfort of your home or classroom. These online chats feature area educators sharing a bite-sized overview of a resource, topic, or idea. Then it’s all about you: ask questions, collaborate and share with other attendees (as you're comfortable), and brainstorm how you might take that idea into your classroom. Attend chats that appeal to you.  Accumulate 15 hours for 1 credit.


Teachers will:

  • learn practical techniques to enrich their teaching practice;
  • gain insight into how to maximize ed-tech resources;
  • connect with other educators for inspiration and support;
  • drive their personal growth and professional development.

Required Student Resources:

  • Computer
  • Reliable Wifi connection