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Wonders of Wetlands 2019

EDUC 2000

Join us in Kathryn, ND for an opportunity to experience current wetland management and water resource issues. While exploring the issues and identifying solutions, participants will receive real world, user friendly and classroom ready instruction from specially trained Project WET facilitators, resource professionals, and scientists. Participants transfer the workshop’s studies to practical classroom applications. Participants will experience hands-on, minds-on learning through a balance of presentations, discussions, activities, and investigations.


Educators should know, understand or be able to attain the Learning Objectives:

1. Understand and be able to use, incorporate, and teach institute curriculum materials in a variety of learning situations through a variety of methods.

2. Have increased knowledge, skills, motivation, and commitment to teach about contemporary North Dakota wetland and water quality issues and concerns.

3. Understand the economic, science and social issues of wetlands.

4. Understand why wetlands and water quality is important to the overall state's social and economic well-being.

5. Use informational and educational materials and resources on North Dakota's wetlands to supplement institute curriculum (textbooks) in classroom learning situations.

6. Use critical thinking and information processing skills in developing a journal and study unit of personal North Dakota's wetlands and water quality perspectives and classroom incorporation ideas through institute experiences and explorations.

Required Materials:

All required materials are furnished by the Instructor of Record as part of the fee paid by all students. WOW: Wonders of Wetlands curriculum guide will be the primary textbook.