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Participating in IEP Meetings

COMM 2000

The purpose of this class is help individuals know how to facilitate meetings. Although this class can be useful for anyone who facilitates meetings, it is especially pertinent to special education or IEP teams. With my colleague Dr. Keri DeSutter, I have conducted research on IEP teams over the past several years. In this class we will become familiar with common issues and facilitation techniques used in IEP and other meetings, as well as several approaches that may enhance the meeting experience. This class is for both facilitators and participants in meetings in a school setting, and takes a very applied focus. I’m grateful to share these principles and techniques that hope it will prepare individuals for better facilitation and participation in meetings.


  • Students will learn about common problems preventing productive meetings.
  • Students will learn several techniques to overcome meeting obstacles.

Required Student Resources:

The following documents will be provided to you.

  • Keyton & Beck (2010)
  • Beck & DeSutter (2018)
  • Beck & DeSutter (2019)

One item will need to be purchased:

  • Keyton & Beck (2018) chapter 9 – this will need to be purchased, but only as a single chapter, don’t buy the whole book! It only costs $4.95!

Ability to interact via discussion boards via Blackboard.