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Today’s Health & Fitness

HNES 2000

This course is designed to learn about a variety of health & fitness topics. Combining the latest research and trends with sound medical advice. Topics include latest diet plans explained, home exercise ideas, managing teacher stress, aging well, winning the mental battle of fitness and obesity. The reflection will help students better understand the relationships between improved health and improved fitness.


As a result of participation in this course, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate a variety of the latest nutritional strategies
  • Understand healthy eating and caloric intake awareness/analysis, to help improve their students’ nutritional and lifestyle choices. 
  • Understand how to win the mental battle of fitness and obesity.
  • Gain techniques and strategies to help improve their students’ fitness levels.

Course Materials:

1. Gmail account (email address)

  •  We have found that most Gmail accounts tied to a school DO NOT work with Google Classroom, our course learning management system.  If you have an account through your school, we are happy to try, but just know that most of the time it doesn’t seem to work.  If that happens or if you don’t already have a Gmail email address, you will simply need to make a Gmail account (free) so we can add you to Google Classroom.

2. Reliable access to the Internet and a computer.

3. Materials will be disseminated electronically.

"The videos were excellent choices with mental health vs. nutrition vs. exercise."

"I enjoyed being able to work at this on my own time. It was nice to have the schedule flexibility."

"The diet overview was very helpful."

"The class was very organized and informative. I learned a lot."

"Good variety on health/fitness topics."

"I would take course 2 if there was one."

"The course was worthwhile and learned about a variety of topics in the health & fitness world."