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FLAND Summer Conference 2019

LANG 2000

The 2019 Summer Conference for Foreign Language Teachers is a conference for all current, retired, and pre-service foreign language teachers. The goal of this summer conference is to bring local and regional foreign language teachers together to participate in professional development sessions on current best practices in foreign language education. This summer's course is "Growing Minds, Building Community" which will support teachers with strategies to help students acquire the target language. Additionally, the conference will emphasize strategies to build community in the classroom. In this course, participants will actively engage in demonstrations of best practices strategies for providing comprehensible input to their language learners. Participants will also explore how comprehensible input engages students and is part of best practices in language instruction. This conference course is also appropriate for teachers of English Language Learners.


  1. Participants will learn strategies for using comprehensible input in the language classroom.
  2. Participants will consider how comprehensible input helps engage students and strengthens their language learning.
  3. Participants will understand the variety of strategies that fall under the umbrella of comprehensible input.