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Classroom Management/School Counselors

CNED 2000

This course will offer current teaching practices and classroom management techniques to aid in working with students in a variety of settings.  The course will cover the topics of:  Teaching with Love and Logic principles, ENVoY, CPS Collaborative Problem Solving, Positive Behavior Supports (PBIS), MTSS-B, and how to use a variety of techniques in small groups and classroom guidance to make your lessons memorable and keep students engaged. To be included, but not limited to:  books, video clips, music, props, puppets, attention getters, movement, mindfulness, non -verbal signals, behavior correction, activities, games,  yoga- body control,  brain breaks, turn and talks, and Kagan cooperative strategies.


  1. Basic speech skills will be covered to aid in guidance lesson presentations or to ease speaking in front of the staff or entire school at assemblies.
  2. Increased student knowledge and practice in multiple classroom management techniques.
  3. Students will have an opportunity to practice, role play, and learn from each other.
  4. Students will create their own classroom management plan that best fits their style and personality to be put into action in a classroom guidance lesson plan.


None required

 Recommended resources and readings for continued professional growth:

  • Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures by Dr. Spencer Kagan
  • Teaching with Love and Logic by Jim and Dr. Charles Fay and David Funk
  • ENVoY by Michael Grinder
  • Lost at School   Collaborative Problem Solving CPS by Dr. Ross Green
  • Nurtured Heart Approach – Dr. Howard Glasser
  • How to be an effective teacher The First Days of School by Harry Wong
  • Tools for Teaching by Dr. Fred Jones
  • The 5 Love Languages for Children by Gary Chapman