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Nurtured Heart Approach®  CTI

EDUC 2000

The Nurtured Heart Approach® Certification Training Intensive (CTI) is a 5+ day live, certification program. The Nurtured Heart Approach is a social-emotional-relational approach, The 3 Stands of the approach are used to support all individuals in developing Inner Wealth™, but especially children with challenging behaviors. Participants will dive deep into the concept formation of the approach, learn the stories used in teaching NHA to others, practice the various tools and components of the NHA, and coach others. See topical outline for additional information on content.


  1. Learn and internalize the core methodology of Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA).
  2. Understand the ways NHA applies to all children regardless of their level of intensity, social-emotional development, or resistance.
  3. Acquire the skills to build Inner Wealth™ through development of relationships, intentional reflection of successes, and established limits.
  4. Master relentless positivity and clarity, despite challenging circumstances.
  5. Develop strategies for the use of NHA within one’s self talk and adult relationships.
  6. Instruct and coach others in the implementation of NHA.
  7. Access NHA training and support resources through the Children’s Success Foundation Trainer Network and Trainer Library.

Optional Text:

Glasser, H., & Block, M. (2016). The transforming the intense child workbook: An experiential guide for parents, educators and therapists for learning and implementing the nurtured child approach. Tucson, AZ: Nurtured Heart Publications.