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Innovative Schools, Part 1

EDUC 2000

How do we prepare kids for a dynamic and uncertain future? Throughout the six weeks of this course, participants will read What School Could Be to gain insights and inspiration from teachers across America who are change makers in the classroom. Through online discussions and reflections, teachers will be offered a vision of what school could be and models of how to get there.


Participants will be able to…

  • Understand what is currently working in schools and what is not.
  • Learn the impact of innovation and project-based learning on student learning.
  • Develop ideas to create lesson plans that include critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Assess the current goal of school.
  • Determine the steps to take to begin implementing innovation and project-based learning into the curriculum for all students.
  • Be able to demonstrate knowledge about what being an innovative school means and looks like.

"The book was valuable and interesting, especially with where our district is going. This book should be required for all teachers."

"Loved reading the other responses and hearing others' thoughts on innovation."

"Great conversation and eye opening information about education today and what it might need to be in the future."

"Everyone in education needs to realize that we need to move forward in our methodology. This course gives excellent examples and can inspire change."

Required Student Resources:

  • Computer with online access
  • Text: What School Could Be by Ted Dintersmith, 2018 Princeton University Press, ISBN: 9780691180618 -- $24.95