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Cognia (AdvancED) 2019 Fall Conference

EDUC 2000

This conference will assist educators in developing an understanding of continuous improvement and accreditation processes.  The conference will provide sessions on continuous improvement processes, use of data to drive instructional improvement, and the implementation of student engagement instructional strategies.  


As a result of their participation in this workshop, participants will develop and demonstrate the following outcomes:

  • Understanding of school improvement and accreditation;
  • Develop and understanding of the processes involved in each of the phases of the model;
  • Analyze their school’s progress in meeting the guidelines established for school improvement;
  •  Develop the ability to design, implement and monitor a school improvement process.

"A lot of new ideas to take back to my school and adapt for our own purpose and usage."

"Good convention - good breakout sessions - I enjoyed the whole experience."

"I am newly back to the whole ND education system, so this was priceless to me. I was able to get first-hand knowledge to the whole AdvancED process. I am excited to use this school improvement tool as I get back into ND education.  The presenters were knowledgeable and very helpful."

"I learned alot of useful information to implement as a teacher and school improvement leadership member."

"The sessions that I attended concerning school culture were very useful. It allowed us to see what our school already does as far as promoting a healthy school culture and also what we need to work on."

"This conference was one of the best I've attended in years. You had presenters that were so knowledgeable and they did a stupendous job of getting that knowledge to us who attended the conference."