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Music Educators & SEL

MUSC 2000

This online course will use the text "Music Education and Social Emotional Learning" and its companion workbook to discuss how music educators can create success when students struggle with social awareness, bullying, communication, problem solving, and other challenges? Through the discussion board located on Blackboard, the class will discuss how Social Emotional Learning (SEL) can assist students to maximize learning in the choral, instrumental, and general music classroom. Music teachers will learn methods which support a student's social and emotional growth.


Teachers will understand:
        *   What is the definition of Social Emotional Learning (SEL).
        *   Socialization in the Music Classroom.
        *   Bullying in the Music Classroom.
        *   The role of a Music Educator.

Required Student Resource:

Scott N. Edgar, "Music Education & Social Emotional Learning," 2017, GIA Publications, $21.95
Scott N. Edgar, "Music Education & Social Emotional Learning Workbook," 2017 GIA, Publications $12.95