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Assistive Tech Trends 2019

EDUC 2000

This online course if for K12 teachers who want to learn more about current topics in assistive technology. A variety of topics apply to all educators. Participants choose 15 webinars to review and reflect upon. For webinars that are 30 minutes in length, participants must watch two and complete a reflection for each. They will submit a final project in the form of an action plan to begin implementing a strategy from a topic(s).


Participants will:

  • gain experience as learners in an online, asynchronous, self-paced learning environment.
  • learn about current and future trends in assistive technology.
  • reflect and share how these trends impact teaching and learning in their classrooms and for their students.
  • create an action plan for the implementation of one strategy.

"Great ideas to directly use in the classroom."

"It is helpful to be able to choose what is of interest or applicable to our classrooms when participating in this class."

"Came away with great information - it was worth it."

"I was able to focus on the student needs of my personal students which are unique to each person taking this course."

"The information that I learned was immediately applicable and pertinent to my job."

"Having a large variety of webinars/topics to choose from - the content in each webinar was useful and easy to understand.  It is helpful that many of the webinars had handouts that could be printed with most of their information and websites/apps/materials listed that were talked about."

"Lots of great resources."

Required Student Resources:

  • Computer with high-speed Internet connection