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Children’s Literature/Newbery 2020, Gr 4-7

EDUC 2000

This course will cover fiction material that is targeted for high-level students from 4th-7th grade. Individuals participating in this course will read the books recognized for the Newbery Award in 2020. This will provide exposure to three fiction books. Participants will be required to complete comprehension assessments as well as engage with weekly online discussions. The assignments will provide participants a chance to draw from previous experiences, critical thinking, current events, and the critiquing of literature.


Throughout the course, participants will:

  • Read and critique books to gain a greater knowledge of literature, draw from personal experience, critique and compare novels in terms of quality and content.
  • Complete online assessments.
  • Engage in discussions regarding the books.
  • Complete three Newbery books from 2020.

"Wonderful cohort of converation!"

"I loved the book(s) and the exchange of teaching ideas via the discussion board."

"Enjoyed the discussion board interaction."

"The book(s) are interesting and the instructor had great assignments."

"Discussion with classmates helped me to get some new ideas for teaching."

"This class was very interesting and gave me some new outlooks on the award."


You will be able to locate the following texts at school and public libraries, local bookstores, and online.

  • New Kid by Jerry Craft (978-0062691194)
  • Other Words for Home by Jasmine Warga  (978-0062747808)
  • Genesis Begins Again by Alicia D. Williams (978-1481465809)