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ND Studies/Smr Tchr Inst. 2020

EDUC 2000

North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum

  • Have you been teaching North Dakota Studies for years?  
  • Looking to change things up a bit? 
  • Were you told you would have the new responsibility to teach North Dakota Studies next fall?
  • Are you getting your first class of North Dakota Studies students in the fall? 
  • Did you know there could be funding available to you to support a creative teaching idea you have been wanting to try?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this 4-day, 2 professional development credit workshop could be a great fit.  Together we will investigate creative ways to meet the 2019 DPI North Dakota Social Studies Content Standards, consider how Project-based activities can be incorporated into your routine; consider Culturally Responsive Practice and become familiar with resources to which you may not have been exposed.

North Dakota State Archives investigating primary sources

Interact with professional historians to gain insights into what they do. How do they do it while considering how to implement best practices in your classrooms? Together we will investigate approaches, develop lesson plans, identify available resources and become familiar with proven methods of imparting these in fun ways to your students as you assist them in refining 21 Century skills.

Exercises to organize, analyze, prioritize and evaluate selected primary sources specifically relating to over-arching themes in North Dakota Studies will form practice activities  used in skill building, new teaching patterns, valuable concepts  such as multiple perspectives at once thinking,  historical empathy building, de-colonizing, respect and trust.

Following the “Insights from Experts,” and selected primary source exercises participants will begin (with assistance from State Archives staff and access to the experts) to identify potential primary source materials they can use to develop focused lessons of their choice (following their own passions).  These efforts will lead us to investigating  traits of critical thinking such as collaboration, examination, communication, adaptation,  reflecting, inquire, creation, striving and  linking and how they apply to what  your students are studying in your class.

North Dakota State Museum

We will use resources in the North Dakota State Museum’s Adaptation, Innovation and Inspiration galleries to forge connections with objects to effectively support students’ quests to inquire about events and places, changes, continuity, human similarities and differences, needs and wants as they move into their futures with skills to remain life-long learners, be engaged creative citizens and make their way to adulthood.

We will model relationships that can be developed in local and regional venues to help students recognize a deeper sense of place using culturally responsive practice. Hone your skills as a co-learner using ND Native American Essential Understandings Project Teachings of Our Elders interviews to bring culture expert elders into your classes and lessons.

National History Day in North Dakota

National History Day is a proven process that encourages students to refine skills as writers, filmmakers, web designers, playwrights and artists as they create unique contemporary expressions of history.  National History Day offers creative ways for students to build group-work, researching and project management skills while following historical methods relevant to subjects that they choose and are interested in.

North Dakota Studies

Web-based materials, trunks of objects and associated activities, document sets, model lessons and even funding opportunities will be investigated as personal connections are forged.  This cohort will  brainstorm ideas for connecting with local cultural venues and  cross-curricular colleagues in their home schools.

Peer conversations will take advantage of innovative ideas, flexible approaches,  effective proven methods and capture elements to be tested, considered and/or eliminated as this cohort melds the future of North Dakota Studies. Interacting opportunities for this cohort will be supported using NDStudies new social media network techniques  Active participation in this course will generate useful materials for each participant to implement in their own classroom, while compiling ideas and considering innovations to share with others.