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Course Descriptions

ND STEM Conference 2020

EDUC 2000

The ND STEM conference is a conference organized jointly by the ND Math and ND Science teacher associations. This conference aims to provide sessions that are relevant to teachers of science, math, technology, and engineering courses. This targeted professional learning credit opportunity will help teachers receive a credit for attending professional development that directly relates to their content.

Educators will be able to select sessions to learn more about standards alignment, effective assessment, feedback and grading practices, as well as opportunities to learn about specific instructional strategies and practices that directly apply to their content area. 


Teachers will:

  • understand the foundational principals of standards-based learning.
  • understand balanced assessment practices.
  • reflect on their personal beliefs and practices and how they connect with the standards-based learning philosophy.
  • understand that standards-based learning can increase student hope, efficacy, and achievement.

Required Resources:

All materials will be provided by presenters at the conference.