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Nat’l Writing Project Conf. 2020

ENGL 2000

The 2020 National Writing Project Midwest Conference is a regional conference through the National Writing Project. This year’s conference is hosted by the Red River Writing Project at NDSU. The conference is a gathering of NWP Midwest teachers and writers to discuss and reflect on current teaching strategies, while learning new strategies. Part of the exploration into teaching strategies will be with guest speaker Cornelius Minor, who believes that “[a]s educators, we know that we find much of our power in collaborative work. When our ways of seeing children, planning for them, facilitating opportunities, and reflecting on those experiences are informed by what we learn from each other, all kids benefit” (Minor, 2019, p. xiii).

Teachers will also participate in sessions they choose based on their needs.  The sessions are created by teacher-leaders from around the Midwest and beyond. These sessions will give participants not only a chance to reflect on their own teaching, but also gain new strategies that they can take into their classrooms. Besides breakout sessions and roundtables, teachers will get to explore their own writing through a writing crawl and various writing exercises throughout the conference. The reason we write at National Writing Project meetings is that we believe that to be good teachers of writing, we also need to have an active writing practice ourselves.

This year’s theme, “2020 (Re)Vision: Looking Backward, Looking Forward, Acting Now!” invites us to (re)vision the work we do (pedagogical, collaborative, community-oriented) by critically perceiving the contradictions “between the ways of being, understanding, behaving, and valuing which belong to yesterday and other ways of perceiving and valuing which announce the future” (Freire, 2005, p. 6).


Participants will:

  • examine teaching strategies presented in the conference sessions.
  • reflect on their own teaching strategies.
  • engage in writing and reflecting on writing.
  • compare teaching strategies presented in the conference to their own teaching strategies.

Required Student Resources:

Students are not required to purchase any texts; however, we will be discussing this text:

  • Minor, Cornelious. We Got This. 2018. Heinemann. ISBN 10:  032509814X; ISBN 13:  978-0325098142, Cost: $21.53