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Reading Conferences, Gr. K-8

EDUC 2000

Why are reading conferences so important? What do effective reading conferences look and sound like? How do I fit reading conferences into my literacy block? "Conferring is where the magic happens"  - the joyous, aha moments you'll see in growing readers.

This class is a book study where participants read and plan to implement reading conferencing strategies with their students in order to increase engagement and comprehension.  Participants will complete assignments in Google Classroom and meet together in an online Zoom session 2 times during the class. 


  • Reflect on each chapter in detail to gain knowledge, theories and application strategies from the text; Reading Conferences.
  • Discuss how conferences can be implemented into existing structures in the classroom such as whole group and small group instruction.Plan dates/times to conference in the fall.
  • Plan time and materials necessary to gather initial data, conference data and ending data for students.
  • Discuss findings with classmates during Zoom meetings and create next steps based on discussions, reading and reflections.

Zoom sessions: June 7 {5:00 - 6:00 PM} & July 12 {5:00 - 6:30 PM}

"I loved the opportunity to discuss with colleagues; it really helped to know that many of us are facing the same challenges. I also enjoyed hearing some of the ways people are making those challenges work. It was obvious that they have been in the classroom and understand what a day can bring. Teachers cannot do it all but they gave us ideas and resources to evaluate what is important and what we might want to let go of so that we can conference with our readers. This class was helpful no matter what grade level you taught."

"Great group discussions! I enjoyed this course and the instructor and will be able to apply the knowledge to my practice."

"Appreciated the time to visit about reading and videos with colleagues was helpful."

"This was a wonderful exploration of an alternative way to teach reading."

"The instructor was very organized and well prepared and was comfortable with the material being taught."

"I would definitely take another class from this instructor. I loved that it was a book study; working full time and being a parent of busy kids makes traditional classes difficult. It was nice that we could do much of the coursework when it worked for us."

Required Text:

Jennifer Serravallo. (2019) A Teacher’s Guide to Reading Conferences Grades K-8