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Teaching Students of Diverse Backgrounds

EDUC 600

This class places emphasis on cultural diversity and teaching diverse students including Native Americans. Strategies for creating learning environments that contribute to positive human relationships, and strategies for teaching and assessing diverse learners are included.”


The teacher candidates will…

  1. Analyze examples of culturally based privilege, power, and discrimination and explain the effects of these on individuals and our society.
  2. Evaluate one’s own culture, including its strengths and limitations and how this culture has influenced one’s own perspectives and experiences.
  3. Identify the history, traditions, and perspectives of various ethnic groups, especially those in ND.
  4. Identify benefits and limitations of various instructional strategies for use with students of diverse backgrounds
  5. Consider different points of view concerning culture & educational practices.
  6. Identify materials and strategies that support the learning styles and cultural values of students from diverse backgrounds.
  7. Reflect on diversity focused activities designed for increasing awareness of social justice issues.
  8. Reflect their ability to promote safety and fairness for all students in school environments.
  9. Implement appropriate strategies with ELL students in an educational setting.
  10. Develop personal understandings of diversity through field-based experiences.

Required Text:

Nieto, S., & Bode, P. (2011). Affirming diversity: The sociopolitical context of multicultural education. New York: Pearson.

Textbook can be ordered from the NDSU Bookstore, 231-7761 or from http://www.amazon.com.