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NBPTS Process

EDUC 2000

This course, NBPTS Process, is the first of two courses designed to accompany National Board Certification, a demonstration of teaching practice measured against high standards. NBPTS Process provides three (3) graduate credits for a candidate completing the process of National Board Certification, whether or not Certification is achieved. The second course, NBPTS Certification, provides three (3) graduate credits for a candidate who has successfully achieved Certification.


  • Candidate completes the entire process of National Board Certification for their respective certificate field as required by NBPTS.
  • Candidate completes and submits four portfolio entries. Three are classroom based, where video recordings and examples of student work serve as supporting documentation. A fourth entry relates to accomplishments outside of the classroom – with families, the community or colleagues – and how they impact student learning.
  • Candidate completes and submits an assessment of content knowledge administered at a computer-based testing center. The candidate will sit for the assessment center exercises during the testing window applicable to the candidate’s registration schedule as determined by payment of the full fee.

"The instructor was very helpful in this whole process. He devoted a lot of his own time to help us out and giving feedback on our writings. He was also helpful with making sure we set achievable goals and deadlines along the way. I probably wouldn't get this process without his help."


A teacher can participate in NBPTS Process only after having taught successfully for three full years, graduated from an accredited institution of higher education, and held a valid state teaching license.

Candidates will only receive a letter grade and professional development credit for this course if they fully and successfully complete the National Board Certification process.

Required Text:

All materials can be found on the NBPTS website.