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FLP 4: Chewsy Choices for a Healthy Life

EDUC 600

This course will allow teachers to apply the Food, Land, and People (FLP) lessons within their curriculum with their students during the school year. The course will provide an overview of strategies, materials, curriculum development, and research related to assisting the Pre-K- 12th grade educators to better understand the interdependence of agriculture, the environment, and human needs through lessons in multiple curriculum areas: science, health, consumer education, mathematics, social studies, geography, and more. The information will be given as an online correspondence course.


1.  Understand how agricultural concepts can be integrated into the curriculum. To heighten the awareness level of how agriculture impacts our raw resources, processing, and our relationship with food, land, and people.

2.  Use lessons available in FLP and the AITC Curriculum Matrix, guide group activities (large, small, and cooperative), provide for individual differences and learning styles, and evaluate students’ learning.

3. Develop understanding, thinking skills, creativity, and improve communication skills in the learning environment with students.

4. Use FLP lessons and the AITC Curriculum Matrix to see how they integrate curriculum and reference the lesson alignment to the National Core Standards. Develop an understanding of the relationship and ties to the ND Common Core State Standards with companion documents found at:  http://www.dpi.state.nd.us/standard/common_core.shtm

5. Identify and use learning activities to facilitate healthy food choices and gain perspectives regarding the connections of food, land, and people.

6. To use instructional media FLP CD’s and other related materials.