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Reading in the Content Area

EDUC 2000

Introduction to the relevance and need for incorporating reading and developing reading skills in middle and high school classrooms.


  • The students will understand basic reading and writing processes as they relate to content literacy.
  • The students will know the characteristics and practices of successful and struggling readers.
  • The students will identify and classify content area vocabulary and select appropriate strategies for supporting student learning.
  • The candidates will know how to select text and support students in using all forms of text in the content classroom including textbooks, literature, internet resources, and media.
  • The students will understand how to use various assessment techniques to choose the best methods to teach specific content materials and meet the needs and interests of diverse students.
  • The students will know how writing can be used to promote and assess content learning.


McKenna, M. C. & Robinson, R. D. (2013).  Teaching through text: Reading and writing in the content areas, 2nd edition. Boston: Pearson.