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Online and blended learning graduate degrees enhance your knowledge of a subject, fine tune your research and writing skills, and give you credentials that set you apart from individuals with only a bachelor’s degree.  NDSU online graduate degrees and blended learning degrees are available to students worldwide.  The online and blended learning degrees offered through NDSU Distance and Continuing Education and Great Plains IDEA online graduate degrees taken through NDSU are awarded a degree through North Dakota State University upon successful completion of coursework.

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Online Graduate Degrees

The following graduate degrees are offered in a fully online format. 

Master of Construction Management

M.S. in Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Science: Leadership in Physical Education and Sport option

Master of Managerial Logistics

Master of Public Health

Master of Software Engineering

Master of Transportation & Urban Systems

M.S. in Transportation & Urban Systems

M.S. or M.A. in Community Development (Great Plains IDEA)

M.S. in Dietetics (Great Plains IDEA)

M.S. in Human Development & Family Science

M.Ed. in Family & Consumer Sciences Education (Great Plains IDEA)

M.S. in Merchandising (Great Plains IDEA)



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Online Great Plains IDEA Graduate Degrees

The following online graduate degrees are offered fully online through the Great Plains IDEA consortium.

M.S. or M.A. in Community Development

M.S. in Dietetics

M.S. in Human Development & Family Science

M.Ed. in Family & Consumer Sciences Education

M.S. in Merchandising



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Blended Learning Graduate Degrees

The following blended learning degrees are offered through a combination of online classes and on-campus classes.  On-campus class requirements vary but may include classes offered nights, weekends, or only specific semesters.

Master of Music in Music Education


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