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Program Description

The online Master of Transportation and Urban Systems (MTUS) degree is a non-disquisition degree that is primarily intended to give professional planners and engineers the skills needed to address the complex relationships between transportation and the urban environment. Students in the MTUS and the M.S. in Transportation and Urban Systems programs can select from a common set of courses. However, students enrolled in the MTUS program focus on practical application, with less emphasis on research.

This degree focuses on: (1) urban transportation systems;(2) relationships between transportation, land use, environment, emergency response, and logistical delivery systems; (3) coordinated planning, operations, and security; and (4) the spatial dimensions of urban systems. The curriculum is built around the topics of: public transportation systems, geographic information systems, freight transportation and logistical delivery systems, urban geography and land use, the environmental impacts of transportation systems, transportation systems security, and the sustainability of transportation and urban systems.

Graduates from this program will lead transportation agencies and municipalities in improving livability in communities by integrating transportation with other components of the urban environment. They will apply new technology and techniques in planning, operations and security.  NDSU's program is unique in its systems approach and emphasis on analytical and spatial concepts. 

We also offer a 9 credit online Transportation and Urban Systems Graduate Certificate. Graduate certificates are valuable tools for career advancement and are designed for individuals who want to gain credentials at the graduate-level prior to completing a full master's program. Credits from the graduate certificate are designed to transfer into a full graduate degree program.


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Sample Plan of Study

Requirements for the degree will be met by each student formulating their plan of study utilizing the following courses as required. At least 21 credits must be completed using approved courses numbered from 601-689, 691, 700-789, and 791.

Required Core Courses:

Elective Courses:

** These online elective courses have an additional Online Access Fee of $350 per credit in addition to your regular tuition and student fees. Please consider this prior to choosing your elective courses with your advisor.

Total Credits: 30 Minimum


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Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q.'s will be added at a later date.



Graduate Faculty

For information about graduate faculty for this program as well as their current research interests, visit the Master of Transportation & Urban Systems bulletin page.




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For current admission requirements, visit the Master of Transportation & Urban Systems bulletin page.


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Contact Information

NDSU College of Business
Department of Transportation, Logistics, and Finance

Phone: 701-231-7767
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Web: https://www.ndsu.edu/business/graduate/transportation-urban-systems/mtus/

NDSU Graduate School
Phone: 701-231-7033
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Web: https://www.ndsu.edu/gradschool/


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