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Oct 09

Presenter Highlight: Annie Kirschenmann

Memorable Professional Story: When I sat down in the CEO chair, I thought I was prepared.  Ha!   I realized - in incredibly short order - that it was unlike anything I had ever done before and that I needed help.  It was the journey of exploring what...

Oct 04

The Challenges of Assertive Communication

While some people are assertive by nature, assertiveness is a skill that can be learned. Think of a scale where being passive is on one end and being overly aggressive is on the other. The mid-point of the scale is where assertiveness lies. This is the...

Sep 18

Presenter Highlight: Ann Dolence

Book Recommendation: Born A Healer, by Chunyi Lin The first book I read about Spring Forest Qigong. This book builds focus, confidence, and a connection to a higher power, as well as determination. "Take the time to know your life purpose because it...

Sep 04

Presenter Highlight: Rick Holmberg

Memorable Professional Story: When I told a stock trader, who had lost over $300 million in one day, to remember that I don't do pity and if he wanted pity to call his Mom. He needed me to tell him the truth and to reframe his current situation and not...

Aug 28

Presenter Highlight: David Boehm

Memorable Professional Story:  As a requirement for my Master's Degree, I had to present a seminar, not related to my research, which was open to the department faculty, students, and to the public.  I picked a controversial topic that drew the interest...