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Podcasting for Beginners

Heard about podcasting and wondering what it is all about? Wondering if you should include it in your course website? Well, search no further! If you are offering your face-to-face or online course through Distance and Continuing Education, we can provide all the support and resources you will need to successfully include podcasting in your course.

Background Knowledge

The Basic Steps

There are five basic steps for creating and including a podcast in your course.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

Podcast Instructions for Students

Your instructor may include podcasting as a way to deliver course lectures, guest speakers or other course information to you. Instructors can use audio or video podcasts. We recommend using iTunes to access and view podcasts.

If you have not already done so, we recommend that you download and install iTunes. It is available free from Apple: http://www.apple.com/itunes/.

Once you have intalled iTunes (or your favorite m4a or video podcast player) use these steps to access episodes:

  1. Please visit the podcast link that your instructor provides on Blackboard.
  2. Select the link on the right hand side of the screen, "Subscribe in iTunes."
  3. The first episode will automatically begin to download in iTunes. (If iTunes wasn't already running on your computer, it should launch).
  4. Once the first episode has completed downloading, select "Podcasts" from the left-hand side menu on the iTunes window.
  5. Select the abbreviated course title for your course from the menu in the center of the screen. Next to the title, you should see a little triangle. Select the triangle so that the menu drops down.
  6. You will see additional episodes listed, followed by a "Get" button for each. Select the corresponding "Get" button to download an episode.
  7. To view the slides in full screen view, select the "Show item artwork button" (lower left hand corner of iTunes player) and then double-click the podcast title that appears. You can stretch or size the podcast screen to suit your viewing preferences.