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Q: Are DCE courses covered under the tuition cap?

Tuition Cap

DCE courses count toward credit totals but are not covered under the NDSU tuition cap and are not eligible for waivers. You will be charged for each DCE credit over the full-time credit load (12-fall/spring, 9-summer). If you are enrolled in fewer credits than full-time, you will be charged per credit, at the NDSU North Dakota tuition rate, just like regular courses.


DCE Tuition Tip
Check your tuition balance statement in Campus Connection as soon as possible.  DCE classes are charged on a per credit basis.  You will see a “DCE tuition” charge in addition to your regular tuition charge regardless of how many credits you are taking.  Add up your total tuition and compare it to the tuition and fee information found at http://www.ndsu.edu/bisonconnection/accounts/tuition/.  If you are taking more than 12 credits (fall/spring) or 9 credits (summer) you will be charged for each DCE credit beyond the tuition cap.