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Q: How do I remove myself from receiving NDSU student emails and text messages?

NDSU uses two types of systems to notify students of important information and campus alerts.  


The first type of student notification system is an email listserv.  This email listserv provides information about upcoming dates, deadlines, events, and other information that is useful to all NDSU students.  Upon registering for any NDSU distance-based class you will automatically be added to this listserv. 


The second type of student notification system is called Notifind.  All NDSU students are automatically enrolled in the Notifind system and participation is required and mandated by the North Dakota University System. This is a phone call, text message, and email system that is used notify students of campus emergencies. The Notifind system is tested on a monthly basis to ensure that it is working properly and to allow students to adjust their phone numbers to ensure they receive these important messages. 


We highly recommend that you continue to receive both types of notifications while you are an active student at NDSU.  You should automatically stop receiving these alerts and notifications a few weeks after a new semester begins, as long as you are not enrolled in any new classes for that semester.  If you are not on campus or no longer a student at NDSU and do not wish to receive student listserv notifications you may remove yourself immediately by following the directions at the link below.  Participation in the Notifind system is mandatory for all NDSU students, please review the notification options below.   Please note: The Office of Distance and Continuing Education is not able to request that you are removed from these services on your behalf.


  1. There are three options for receiving the mandatory Notifind messages.  You may receive them by phone, text and email or you may choose to receive them only by phone or only by email.  The Notifind system requires that you have either a phone and/or email address listed in the system.  Here are the directions for adding or changing your information in the Notifind system.  
  2. To remove yourself from the student listserv emails, follow these directions