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Q: How much do DCE courses cost?

Courses offered through DCE are charged at the current NDSU North Dakota residency rate, regardless of your location or residency, unless otherwise noted.


DCE tuition is listed on a separate line on your NDSU account statement.  DCE classes are not included in the tuition cap.  If you are taking more than 12 credits fall or spring semester or 9 credits summer semester be sure to review your account summary in Campus Connection as soon as possible.

View tuition rates.


Tip: Check your account summary in Campus Connection as soon as possible.  Add up your total tuition and compare it to the NDSU tuition and fee information.


If you are an NDSU student and are either degree seeking or non-degree seeking, DCE tuition may be paid through Bison Connection or via Campus Connection


Tuition for K-12 professional development classes and non-credit classes vary.  Course tuition and fees are indicated in the individual course listing and is paid at the time of registration.


If you have a specific question regarding your DCE tuition please contact Bison Connection at 701-231-6200.