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Q: I want to drop a DCE course, how do I do this?

DCE follows the standard university academic deadlines, policies and procedures for course drop/adds, refunds and withdrawals.


Dropping a Class

Dropping a Class occurs when a student wishes to discontinue enrollment in a particular course, but wants to continue taking classes during the semester. Dropping a course can be completed online using Campus Connection for a 100% refund of tuition and fees as long as the drop occurs before the first 9% of the class has been completed. The class length calculation is based on the start and end date of the class listed on the class schedule on Campus Connection and includes all calendar days, not just class days.


Refunds are not given for classes dropped on or after 9% of the course is completed.


No-record drops

Students may drop a course from their schedule without it appearing on their academic record until the published no record drop deadline.


Record (W) drops

Students may continue to drop courses after the no-record drop period until the published drop deadline. However, such drops will be recorded on student transcripts with "W". These indicators do not affect grade-point averages, but are counted in attempted credits for financial aid satisfactory academic progress.


**Note: Dropping a class may have an impact on your financial aid. Before dropping a class, please contact Student Financial Services to see if the change in course credits will affect your financial aid award. Also, see the Dropping vs. Withdrawing page for information on refunds of tuition and fees.



To Drop a Class


View step-by-step instructions for dropping a class.



Additional Options


Students are encouraged to use Campus Connection as the primary method of making registration changes (adding or dropping classes). In the event of Campus Connection downtime or instances when assistance is needed, a paper version of the "Change in Registration Form" can be obtained and completed at the Office of Registration and Records, 110 Ceres Hall.



Getting a Refund for Dropped Classes

Deadlines and dates may vary if individual class start/end dates differ from the general session dates in which the class is assigned. Registration deadlines for standard-length fall and spring semester courses are posted online. Deadlines for variable length and summer session courses are adjusted proportionately.



Withdrawing to Zero Credits

Students who have registered and then wish to drop all courses after the semester start date must officially withdraw from the university. Failure to initiate the withdrawal process may result in "F" grades and financial obligations that otherwise might be avoided. Refer to the section on Financial Information for prorated refund deadlines for withdrawals. Procedures to withdraw from all courses include the following:

  1. Read and complete the Withdrawing to Zero Credits form.
  2. Contact the Counseling Center or Disability Services if assistance is needed in addressing academic, personal, financial, or other concerns.
  3. Withdrawal forms are to be submitted to Bison Connection, Memorial Union.
  4. Students are responsible for any unpaid bills at the time of withdrawal.
  5. Withdrawal forms must be submitted by the published deadline of the semester. Withdrawals after this date will not be processed without evidence of a compelling reason or circumstances beyond the student's control. Courses already completed at the time of withdrawal from a term will be withdrawn as well. Students should not attempt to drop all of their courses, their last course or their only course online. Unlike refunds for individual course drops, withdrawal refunds are prorated and are based on complete withdrawals and withdrawal dates.