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Q: What’s the difference between web-based and correspondence classes?

Web-based and correspondence classes are two different formats offered for distance learning classes. An explanation of both formats is listed below.


Web-based Classes
Web-based classes are most frequently referred to as online classes. The term "web-based" is used more frequently when referencing online classes in NDSU's class registration system known as Campus Connection. Online/Web-based classes generally use a learning management system (Blackboard, Moodle, etc.) to post a syllabus, materials, assignments, and communication from instructors. Some online classes are self-paced and some have specific deadlines for tests and assignments.

Correspondence Classes
Correspondence, print-based, and text-based classes are different terms for distance learning classes that are offered using text-books and/or printed packets. These "correspondence courses" often have a printed packet that includes a syllabus, materials, assignments, and communication from instructors. Most packets and required textbooks are purchased through the NDSU Bookstore. Contact Distance and Continuing Education if a packet is not available at the bookstore. Coursework is completed at the student's pace and is turned in to the Distance and Continuing Education office by the end of the semester.


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