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Student Story: Online Classes Leave Time During the Day to Gain Professional Skills

photo of Jessica

A photo of Jessica during one of her travels in Santorini, Greece.

Jessica Meissner, graduating senior, is excited for what comes next. She will complete her degree in natural resource management in December and over the past semester has taken advantage...

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Collaborate on Management Strategies

Seek avenues to collaborate with others on aspects of classroom management, such as addressing behavioral issues, allocating classroom physical space and use of available teaching resources.  In addition, learn from and with others about improving time...

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Student Story: Taking Online Courses Saves Time, Gas, and Leads to Success

photo of Amber Frie

While earning her degree, soon to be graduating North Dakota State University student, Amber Frie took at least one online class each semester through NDSU Distance and Continuing Education for a total of 11 altogether. Frie will graduate in December...

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