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Online Classes
Are you interested in an undergraduate degree, graduate certificate, or graduate degree? Visit our online degrees page for more...
Updated: 04/12/11
List of K-12 Classes
This is a list of all K-12 professional development for teachers available through North Dakota State University Distance...
Updated: 04/11/11
Online Degrees
It's time to Reimagine Education and find new ways of obtaining a degree.  NDSU Distance and Continuing Education...
Updated: 01/19/11
About NDSU Distance and Continuing Education
In July of 2015, Distance and Continuing Education merged with several independent offices on the campus, including...
Updated: 11/29/10
K-12 Professional Development For Teachers
Teachers matter and so should their professional development. NDSU Distance and Continuing Education has curated a...
Updated: 09/01/10
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Knowledge is Power: An Evening of Educational Possibilities for Women
Tuesday, Mar 15, 2016 - Tuesday, Mar 15, 2016


Grading from the Inside Out
EDUC 2000
This workshop is focused on the practices and processes that will modernize grading and reporting systems to be more aligned to...
Updated: 04/04/18
Coaching Techniques 2018
HNES 2000
Discover fundamentals in each specific sport, including continuity in team scheme, new rule changes, innovative programs,...
Updated: 03/28/18
SchoolsAlive! Active PE
HNES 2000
This course provides an understanding of the basics of physical education as well as the importance and benefits of daily...
Updated: 03/28/18
Asteroid Impact
Your team is informed that an asteroid will impact the Earth, and your challenge is to design an underground shelter to keep...
Updated: 03/27/18
Video Game Design
Learn the basics of coding and how to design your own video game that your friends and family can play.
Updated: 03/27/18
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