A video series exploring various programs of study "At NDSU."


@ NDSU is a video series created by NDSU graduate and undergraduate students to explore various programs of study "At NDSU." Through this series, students get to view the type of real world learning they can expect when they are admitted to a program of study at NDSU. When learning gets tough it is important to remind students of the fun and joy in learning new things

The @ NDSU video series was developed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic when high school students were no longer able to come to campus to interact with NDSU students. To continue making these connections our students took to a platform they know best, YouTube. Though these connections are not in person, most of our students are thrilled to discuss what they are learning in their programs with interested students. If you would like a graduate or undergraduate student to speak with your class, email ndsu.otl@ndsu.edu and we can find a student in a program of your choice.


From Paper Powerhouse to Pixels

NDSU Visual Arts student, Malls LeMier, demonstrates creating a hybrid illustration of a physical underpainting that is finished in Adobe Photoshop.

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Pharmacy is Sweet

Learn about non-sterile compounding, sterile compounding, and some sweet facts about medication.

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How Dark is the Night Sky

Learn about light pollution. Find out how you can measure and document light pollution for science.

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For Teachers

Teachers from across the country are invited to incorporate these videos into your classrooms to teach concepts to students, as well as demonstrate to your students what a person might do with a specific degree. We have curated a special playlist for you to review. You may use this playlist in full or in part as a classroom resource or homework assignment as you see fit.

NDSU encourages you, as a teacher to reach out to our office if you have a specific degree program in which you would like to see a video on. Email ndsu.otl@ndsu.edu with your video suggestions.




Video Requirements

If you want some feedback on you video idea, submit a cover sheet prior to the creation of you video. Cover sheets should include:

  • Name and email adress of video creator
  • Title of the video
  • Brief description (2-3 sentences) of video 
  • Department name that is being represented

Submit your cover sheet to Matt Stoll via email at Matthew.stoll@ndsu.edu

Videos need to be 10 minutes or less and should demonstrate the practical application of a concept in your field of study for a high school student audience. The @NDSU video series is a great recruiting opportunity for your program and is also a fun way to get creative in expressing your enthusiasm for you deparmtent!

Individuals or groups can either film their own video or may request assistance from the Office of Teaching and Learning.

Videos that are judged as fitting the criteria below will be posted on the Office of Teaching and Learning YouTube page. A prize is awarded for the top 3 videos for each semester.

Videos will be judged based on the following criteria: 

  • Engagement,
  • Teaching,
  • Applicability,
  • Creativity, and
  • Overall Quality.

View a more detailed judging rubric.  Word Document  |  PDF  |  Audio (MP3)

Spring Semester videos are due by March, 25th.


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