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Making Career Advising Integral to Academic Advising

Posted on Nov, 09 2010

This event is sponsored by the College of University Studies and Distance and Continuing Education.

Career advising can enhance advisors’ work with students and facilitate students’ career and academic development and decision making. Career advising helps students to understand the relationship between their academic programs and career opportunities, to make academic and career decisions, to clarify and set career and academic goals, and to develop plans to achieve their goals.

Given the number of career and academic options and the complexity of the changing workplace, career advising is increasingly important. Gordon (2006) stated, “All students need career advising, even those who enter college already decided on an academic major” (p. 5). As a result, it is important that advisors respond to the diverse needs of students. Integrating career and academic advising focuses on preparing students for the future and assisting them to make informed career and academic decisions. In this Webinar presentation, Ken Hughey (Kansas State University) and Joanne Damminger (Rowan University) discussed:

  • applying career theories to career advising
  • integrating career and academic advising
  • advisor competencies needed for effective career advising
  • the advisor’s role in facilitating students’ academic and career planning
  • the career advising process
  • resources, activities and interventions to enhance career advising

Century Theater, Memorial Union, NDSU, Fargo, ND 58102

19 Nov