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Resources for Teachers: Are useful websites being blocked?

Posted on Mar, 28 2014

Technology is definitely becoming more relevant for teachers to stay connected, exchange ideas, and find valuable cost-effective resources that can be used in their classrooms. While there are clear trends that mainstream media sources are making their way into the classrooms, some of the websites increasing most in use are being blocked by their schools by teachers.

Online resources, such as Youtube and social media, as well as district portals remain the most used resources reported by teachers. A study from the National Center for Education Information study showed that over half of teachers reported using video streaming sites, such as Youtube, as a valuable resource for their classrooms. However, most schools still block these resources from staff, faculty, and students.

With this increase in use by teachers, Youtube created the Youtube for Schools initiative to provide safe access for teachers, create an online education community, and to more easily direct teachers to relevant, credible, safe, and useful content that can be integrated in to the classroom. This allows for "more time teaching and less time searching."

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