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4 Ways Teachers Make the Most of Summer Break

Posted on Jun, 06 2014

What do teachers do all summer long? A teacher’s job never ends.

There are many “myths” that teachers get 8 weeks of summer vacation. The fact is that during the summer, teachers are preparing for the forthcoming year. Since valuable time during the school year is dedicated to the student, the focus shifts to professional development. Professional development is a resource for teachers to address changing curriculum, update assessment and instructional strategies, and gain new skills to overcome challenges in the classroom. We work with countless teachers throughout the summer providing workshops, conferences, and online classes in the latest topics.

So, what does a teacher do during the summer?

  1. Reflect on the previous year

Another school year has ended. Summer break allows teachers to review lessons, evaluate classroom procedures, and anticipate new challenges in the coming year.

  1. Get involved in summer activities

Many teachers are involved in summer school, camps, or other programs both on and off-site.

  1. Volunteer

The summer is an important time to revitalize passions by getting involved in the community.

  1. Focus on professional development

Following a busy school year, teachers take the time to refuel and connect with other teachers through workshops, conferences, and online classes.

  1. Plan for the next class

Teachers need to account for every detail from planning lessons to laying out the classroom environment. 

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