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Construction Materials: Building Kids’ Imagination

Posted on May, 28 2014

This year’s STEM Camp attendees are in for an innovative and mind stimulating experience. Join us for Construction Materials, a fun and interactive class being offered to students in grades 3 – 5 on June 16th and June 23rd.

In the past, Construction Materials has been a hit amongst camp goers! Last year, out of the 48 kids who attended, 87.5% said they would attend another camp and over 95% said they would recommend it to a friend. When asked to rank their experience on a scale from 1 – 5, the average score was an amazing 4.65! With such great response, we look forward to having another great session this summer.

In this action packed class, students will receive an overview of the construction process and the materials used in the industry. Then, students will design a house plan, select materials for their house, build models, and spend a day in the lab mixing concrete and running material tests. All of these activities make for a great day of fun!

Take a peek at what some of last year’s students had to say about their experience:

“This was the best camp ever! I learned a lot.”

 “It was the best camp I’ve been to this summer.”

“I think this camp is really boring, just kidding. I LOVE this camp!!!”

Students in grades 3 - 8 can choose from a variety of classes, including exciting options such as Mystery of Water, The Big World of Nanotechnology, and Construction Materials. If you are interested in the Construction Materials class or any other classes offered during this year’s NDSU STEM Kids Camp, please check out the schedule, scholarship information and register online at: http://www.ndsu.edu/dce/courses/info/11044

We look forward to seeing all of you future builders in the lab!