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Meet DCE’s Newest Interns

Posted on Jun, 11 2014

Hello everyone!

My name is Shannon Jacobson and I’m a Public Relations and Marketing intern for NDSU’s Office of Distance and Continuing Education. I’m a good ol’ North Dakota girl, originally from Bismarck who moved to Fargo two years ago. I am a student at NDSU where I love to root for the Bison and will be graduating in December.

Shannon Jacobson

I am Taylor Christenson, also one of NDSU’s Office of Distance and Continuing Education’s Marketing and Public Relations Interns. I just finished my third year of school here at NDSU towards my degree in marketing. I am originally from Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and love to do things outdoors in my free time. Some of my favorite activities include hiking, camping, fishing and playing Frisbee with friends. 

Taylor Christenson

While interns here at the Office of Distance and Continuing Education, our daily assignments include among the many other tasks marketers must juggle: creating content for the blog and social media outlets, optimizing the sites search terms to better serve users, revising the webpages as necessary to fit changing course offerings and interviewing individuals for potential stories.

As we start our internships at NDSU and begin our careers a fellow colleague, June Perrizo, is ending her career and retiring from NDSU. Although our situations are quite different from Perrizo’s they also are quite similar. We all are beginning different phases in our lives, facing the unknown and hopefully having a lot of fun along the way.

Talking with Perrizo about her perspective on retirement gave us some insight as we begin our internships and come closer to graduation. Perrizo said she doesn’t have any grand plans for retirement. She looks forward to enjoying more time at the lake and with her family. She isn’t worried about what she is going to do when she retires because if she doesn’t like it she can always change it. She said, "Like I've always told my kids, it's not a life sentence."

"Like I’ve always told my kids, it’s not a life sentence"  ~  June Perrizo

Our internships at NDSU Office of Distance and Continuing Education will help eliminate some of our stress and worry about the unknown after graduation. However, as Perrizo explained, our career choices are not a life sentence. Each experience is part of the journey to figure out where we want to be and what we want to be doing.

Internships are invaluable and provide opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience, expand their knowledge and hone their skills. We are truly grateful to have this opportunity at NDSU’s Office of  Distance and Continuing Education and we plan to share with you our fun and interesting intern experiences this summer.

Make sure to check back often to hear our latest news or explore the many resources NDSU’s Office of Distance and Continuing Education has to offer outside of the traditional classroom.