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New Apparel, Retail Merchandising, and Design Undergraduate Certificate

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Posted on Jun, 16 2014

NDSU DCE now accepting applicants for Fall Semester 2014

North Dakota State University’s Office of Distance and Continuing Education and the Apparel, Design, and Hospitality Management department have recently developed a 16-credit, online Apparel, Retail Merchandising, and Design Undergraduate Certificate. This new, online undergraduate certificate program is now accepting students for Fall Semester 2014.  The program is designed to provide a distinct knowledge base and specific skill set for junior high and high school teachers who currently (or would like to) teach apparel, design, garment construction, retail merchandising, and textiles. 

Students in the program will obtain the following skills sets.

  • Construct apparel as per requirements for teaching construction at the secondary level.
  • Identify fashion-merchandising practices within a store setting.
  • Create a trend forecast for a specified apparel retailer or brand.
  • Identify fibers, textiles, their characteristics, production processes, and source appropriate fabrications for apparel products.
  • Summarize factors that contribute to the development of cultural dress.
  • Assess the impact of consumerism on global cultures.
  • Summarize the development of dress norms, recognize violations, and compare sanctions, according to societal dress standards.
  • Analyze consumer trends and market environments as contributors to experiential retailing.
  • Examine product and service transformations in response to total consumer experience.

While this program is geared toward junior high and high school family and consumer science teachers, it may also be a useful certificate for individuals who currently work in or own retail shops or have a general interest in fashion. 

Undergraduate certificate programs are highly targeted learning opportunities for individuals who either already have a bachelor’s degree but would like to enhance their skills in an area or for individuals who do not have a degree but would like to obtain a credential in their area of interest. This program marks the first online undergraduate certificate offered through NDSU Distance and Continuing Education.

To learn more about the online Apparel, Retail Merchandising, and Design Undergraduate Certificate program call 701-231-7015.




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