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An Unexpected Insight

Posted on Jul, 09 2014

Almost every student has doubts about their choice of major. It is such a huge investment and time commitment it makes it hard not to have some worry or doubt. I am no exception to this. I have switched my major twice during my college career and I finally decided on public relations because it was something I really could see myself doing and enjoying. However, as always with my typical self, I still had this small worry that when I got out into the work field I wouldn’t like it but then it would be too late!

One of the more personal but very important things I have learned from my internship is that I am in the right field. This experience has shown me that when I do go out into the work field I will enjoy what I am doing because I like what I am doing now. Preparing different material or content that will promote an organization and what they have to offer and then being able to see what kind of feedback you receive from consumers and the public is a very rewarding experience.

I understand that in every position and career there are ups and downs. I am also aware of the challenges a public relations career will bring like pressing deadlines, difficult material to work with and limited resources, just to name a few.  Even with these stressors, it still gives me peace of mind knowing that the main purpose or goal in the public relations field is something I find both exciting and fulfilling, a peace of mind I would not have been able to have without my internship experience here at NDSU’s Distance and Continuing Education department.

Have you had a work or internship experience that enlightened your career path? I’d love to hear about it. Share them with me on Twitter @ndsudce, @shan_jaco or our NDSU DCE Facebook page.

Written by: Shannon Jacobson, public relations and marketing intern