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Our Most Popular Professional Development Classes: Which One is Right for You

Posted on Aug, 12 2014

When looking to further education, it is important that you choose the right professional development to fit your needs. Last year, over 4,800 teachers took professional development courses with us! With over 350 courses, these are our most popular distance-based classes.

  • One of our most popular offerings is titled What Great Teachers Do. In this web-based course, students explore 14 traits that characterize the best classrooms, learn strategies and approaches in each of these areas and then design action plans that put to use these strategies.


  • Another very popular class is Refocus & Recharge: Strategies for Finding Balance in Teaching. This course emphasizes the important of balance in the life of a teacher to avoid situations like burn out. Through the course, students will learn things such as strategies for prioritizing professional balance, how teacher burn-out affects student achievement and how to re-charge when needed.


  • Last but not least, we have ADHD: Focusing, Learning and Teaching, a course committed to understanding the attention deficit disorder and how to manage it. In this course, students will explore the disorder and study research-based management strategies while designing a low distraction classroom environment.

All of these courses offer insight into topics that are important to educators across the United States. While these may be the most popular courses, we certainly offer many more!

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