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Five ways to maintain study habits while on vacation

Posted on Aug, 15 2014

Taking a vacation or a few days off for a holiday break often means a vacation from studying. Taking a vacation from studying can be a refreshing way to reenergize your study habits. If you are an online student who will be going on vacation, don’t worry about losing your study habits.  Try out these five tips for keeping you motivated to study when you return.

  1. Use your free time for brain games.  Lay in the sun with a word search, crossword puzzle, or Soduko to work on.  Or find a book of brain game puzzles.  By doing this, you are keeping your brain active. But be sure to use sunscreen to avoid sunburn.
  2. Read. Whether it is a good book from your must read list (read our blog post Beach Bag Ready, Must Read Books of the Summer) or the latest issue of your favorite magazine, read something you enjoy.  This will keep you in the habit of reading so you will be prepared to resume reading those textbooks when you return.
  3. Use your vacation to get ahead in your class. You may not have a major vacation planned but you may find yourself with an extra day off from work this holiday break. Use that extra time to get ahead in your classes.  Students who work full time appreciate an extra day to get coursework done and may enjoy their between semester breaks that much more.
  4. Connect concepts learned in your class with your vacation.  Let’s say you are taking an interpersonal communication class.  You might use the things you are learning in your class to communicate with new people you meet on vacation.  Or maybe you are taking an art class.  What kind of art can you find or would the scenery where you are at be good inspiration for a project?  If you are taking a business class, visit businesses (permission to go shopping!) in the area and make mental notes of things they are doing well and things they could improve upon.
  5. Keep a similar sleeping and waking schedule. It is tempting to sleep in on vacation days but think of how much longer your vacation will feel if you wake up early.  Waking up and going to bed at the same time each day will make the transition back to your school schedule less difficult.Success Starts Here Road sign

We hope you have a wonderful holiday break or vacation. Enjoy your time away from class.  Our student resources section of our website offers additional study tips for online students.  Let us know what study tips have helped you through your degree by posting them to our Facebook page or on Twitter at @ndsudce.


Written by: Connie Jadrny @cjadrny, marketing, recruitment and public relations specialist