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Student Story: Online Courses Can Help Take A Weight Off Your Schedule

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Posted on May, 07 2012

Student-athlete Garrett Bruhn has a busy schedule attending classes and meeting the year-round training demands of being a member of the Bison football team. Bruhn, a junior working towards a degree in criminal justice and a minor in accounting, completed COMM 110: Fundamentals of Public Speaking online during the summer semester through Distance and Continuing Education, allowing him to continue his summer football workout schedule while staying on track to earn his degree.

Though he may not be shy on the football field, Bruhn was a little apprehensive about giving speeches in the classroom. “I chose to take Comm 110 online because I do not like speaking in front of others at all. This class allowed me to speak in front of a few people, which has helped me on the path to overcoming my fear of talking in front of an audience,” said Bruhn. Fundamentals of Public Speaking is a popular course to take online because it is a general education requirement that all NDSU students must complete and a course some students often put off because of a fear of speaking in front of an entire classroom of people. The online format allows students to still learn and apply all of the course content to oral presentations, but from the comfort of their own living room if they want. Students perform and record their presentations for a small audience they recruit and submit the videos to their instructor online.

Taking the class during the summer semester allowed Bruhn to stay on track to graduate, maintain his workout schedule, and get the most out of the class since the football team travels often during fall semester. “Filming and doing this class in my own apartment saved me a great deal of time, energy, and worry that I would have had taking the course during the school year,” said Bruhn. “Overall, it was a great summer and I was happy with the course content and the way the online class format was run!”

NDSU Distance and Continuing Education offers hundreds of courses online including general education courses and degree specific courses every semester. Students should check with their advisor to determine a plan of study and if online courses will benefit them. Check to see which are available and how taking a course online can free up some time in your personal and academic schedule!