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Leadership Course for Teachers to Spark Creativity and Use of Imagination in the Classroom

Feature Story
Posted on Jan, 12 2012

Educators looking to spark their leadership skills, creativity, and use of their imagination to become successful business teachers will gain valuable knowledge and experience in the new course, Leadership Experience, offered during the Spring 2012 semester. Leadership Experience is a three credit course offered for K-12 educators to meet their re-certification needs and salary advancement goals for professional development. K-12 educators will master critical leadership skills and gain a solid understanding of current theory they’ll need to become effective business teachers in today’s society. Educators will learn how to be leaders both in-and-out of the classroom. Leadership Experience allows teachers to realize their full potential and strengths, empowering students to meet their challenges. Communication is key, and Leadership Experience shows K-12 educators the importance of being a good listener as well as a good teacher. Educators can expect to discover tools and learn skills to enhance the use of their imagination and encourage their students to actively participate in class.

Course creator and instructor, Ron Weinmann, designed the Leadership Experience course to teach K-12 business teachers how to think creatively and encourage their students to use their imaginations in the classroom. With ten years of experience as an instructor for Minot State University along with multiple other teaching appointments around the region, Weinmann’s teaching philosophy and goal is to bring real world, ethical and experience-based educational opportunities to his students.  According to Weinmann, teachers should wake up in the morning and ask themselves what they want to accomplish that day. As Weinmann said, “The most rewarding part of teaching is being appreciated by students, and knowing you were a piece of the puzzle that made their life better.”  Leadership Experience is offered online and Weinmann said students can expect to use Blackboard as a primary tool of communication, where they will engage in regular discussion with other students in the course.

For more information or to register for this course go to, http://www.ndsu.edu/dce/k-12/info/4933.