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NDSU Distance & Continuing Education Mobile App Wins Award

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Posted on Mar, 28 2012

2011 ADDY Award in Mobile Apps category

Screen shot of DCE App

NDSU Distance and Continuing Education’s (DCE) recently released mobile application won a 2011 Gold ADDY Award in the Mobile Apps category at the annual American Advertising Federation of North Dakota awards banquet, held February 24, 2012.  The award winning mobile app was created from the ground up through collaboration between DCE staff and a student employee.  Ludvik Herrera, new media coordinator for Distance and Continuing Education led the project with significant contributions from Saumya Singh, DCE student employee.  This is the first app in North Dakota created by university staff and students for a university or college in the state. 

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This iOS device app suite is a useful tool for individuals who work with and take classes from NDSU Distance and Continuing Education.  However, it is intended to be a useful tool for anyone who interacts with NDSU.  Students, staff, and faculty who are new to campus as well as potential students, parents, and the community will find the interactive campus maps useful in navigating around campus.  

This app serves as a prime example of the creativity, problem solving abilities, and quality of work NDSU students are able to offer.  Ludvik Herrera, new media coordinator, said, “The app was created with detailed user experience strategic design in mind and covers all aspects of user-centered design principles.  It provides rich interaction design patterns that make every app within the suite very intuitive and easy to use.  It stands out in many design aspects as well as technology and utility implementation.”

Highlights of the mobile app include:

List of NDSU DCE workshops, events, and important dates to remember.

The first screen in this app offers a calendar that lists all upcoming NDSU DCE workshops, events, and important dates to remember.  If there is an event you plan to attend, this app offers the ability to quickly add it to your calendar. 

List of NDSU DCE classes.

Choose the course list option to review a list of classes available to NDSU DCE students, K-12 teachers seeking professional development, and individuals looking for personal development classes. The app also includes a bookmarking feature to help you organize the distance-based classes you plan to register for.  Bookmark classes of interest to you for future registration or notify your friends and colleagues by sending an automatically generated email, Facebook post or tweet about the class. 

Interactive campus maps and bus routes.

Screen Shot of Bus Stop App

If you’ve picked a workshop on campus and are unsure of how to find the room or if you need to get to campus for any reason this app can help.  Type in the name of the office you are looking for and the app will tell you what campus building it is in.  No need to know where the building is located because the app will give you a choice of several routes from your current location.  Once you are on campus use the parking lot identification feature to show you the exact parking lots that are available for you to park in.  Or get around on the NDSU campus bus system by using the bus stop location feature.  This feature shows you bus routes available on campus, the location of each bus stop as well as the time the next bus will be at that stop.  



Bonus features.

We’ve also included a way to reduce the trauma of dropping your phone.  Though we don’t recommend dropping your phone, if you happen to drop it the app rewards you with a fun little surprise.  This surprise is just one of several hidden gems or “easter eggs” found in this application.  How many hidden gems can you find?  In addition, a QR decoder or reader is included in the app suite to make it handy to scan QR codes in materials produced by DCE as well as QR codes found on other products or materials.

Check out all the features the NDSU DCE mobile app has to offer. The app is currently available for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices and can be downloaded for free at http://ndsu.me/dceapp.