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In The News:Award-winning mobile app helps DCE students find courses, navigate campus

Posted on Jun, 13 2012

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Information on courses offered by NDSU Distance and Continuing Education now can come directly to your iPhone or iPad.

The new interactive mobile application, which has a variety of useful tools, has been recognized for excellence. The app received a 2011 Gold Addy Award in the Mobile Apps category from the American Advertising Federation of North Dakota. 

Created through a collaboration of Distance and Continuing Education staff and a student employee, it is the first app in North Dakota created by NDSU staff and students for a university or college in the state.

Ludvik Herrera, new media coordinator for Distance and Continuing Education, led the project. “The app was designed for anyone interested in taking Distance and Continuing Education Courses – NDSU faculty, staff and students and NDSU visitors such as parents and prospective students,” Herrera explained, noting the app is intended to be intuitive and easy to use. “It has many tools of benefit to everyone in the community, from an interactive campus map that can tell you directions to specific offices, to parking lots or bus shelters. It also has a Quick Response decoder/reader that can be of help now that QR tags are used on many publications and marketing pieces.”

Student employee Saumya Singh is a graduate student studying computer science and made significant contributions to the project, making it a fine example of the outstanding creativity and quality of work offered by NDSU students. "Developing the app was a huge learning experience as it gave me insight into iPhone operating system development,” she said. “I had to start everything from scratch, and finally coming up with the app, as it is today, was really satisfying.”

“Getting an award for the very first app I developed feels great,” Singh said, suggesting the app’s easy-to-use design is what makes it stand out. “It was an elaborate procedure, taking days of brain-storming to figure out the actual presentation of the app and how to make it more usable to the targeted audience,” she said. “The usability and the presentation of the app appealed to the judges, and we got the award for it.”

The app is free and can be downloaded at http://ndsu.me/dceapp.