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About the Patient- MTM and Diabetes Management Course

Posted on Aug, 08 2012


Program Goals

About the Patient is designed for practicing health professionals interested in enhancing skills in the delivery of Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and Diabetes Management. Through interactive cases, you will review general concepts of:

  • diabetes,
  • Medication Therapy Management,
  • cognitive services documentation,
  • the health providers role in motivating patients,
  • and promotion of cognitive services to payers. 

This course is accredited by ACPE.  Pharmacists may obtain up to 1.0 CEUs for successful completion of the course.

This program meets the initial credentialing requirements for pharmacists to participate in the About the Patient Diabetes Management Program sponsored by NDPERS or can be used for maintaining certification.  Any pharmacists wishing to further their education on MTM and Diabetes Management are encouraged to participate in the course. There is no obligation to participate in the About the Patient program by completing the course.


Module 1- General Concepts in Diabetes Care (.20 CEUs) - #0047-0000-12-055-H01-P

Application of evidence based medicine though case based learning, the participant will demonstrate how to apply evidenced based medicine to individual patients for manage and disease control.

  • Evaluate the pathophysiology and clinical manifestation of diabetes in order to justify blood glucose monitoring and pharmacotherapy.
  • Optimize patients eating and activity for blood glucose and weight control.
  • Describe risk reduction strategies to prevent complications associated with diabetes.
  • Explain healthy coping strategies for patients with chronic disease. 


Module 2- The Pharmacist Roll in Motivating Patients (.20 CEUs) - #0047-0000-12-056-H01-P

Appling multiple behavioral models, the pharmacist will address patient barriers to adherence and devise strategies that empower patient self-care.

  • Describe multiple behavior models that address patient health care beliefs.
  • Apply motivational interviewing techniques to promote behavior change.
  • Formulate SMART goals with patients to empower self-care.


Module 3- Documentation of Pharmacist’s Cognitive Services (.20 CEUs) - #0047-0000-12-057-H01-P

Through applying the standard medical model for documentating a SOAP note, the pharmacist will demonstrate efficiency in generating a visit note that documents all components of a clinical intervention.

  • Identify components of a comprehensive and focused health history.
  • Design a patient specific SOAP note that documents clinical interventions.


Module 4- The Evolution of Medication Therapy Management (MTM) (.20 CEUs) - #0047-0000-12-058-H01-P

The pharmacist will explain the history of MTM and demonstrate proficiency in documentation of services.

  • Identify services that optimize therapeutic outcomes for individual patients.
  • Optimize the delivery of MTM services in a pharmacy practice.
  • Design documents that evaluate patient progress, facilitate interdisciplinary communication and sufficiently document clinical interventions for billing.


Module 5- Promotion of Pharmacist Cognitive Services (.20 CEUs) - #0047-0000-12-059-H01-P

The pharmacist will identify strategies of marketing cognitive services to individuals and groups.

  • Optimize time management and workflow for integration of cognitive services in a pharmacy practice.
  • Identifying partners and payers of pharmacy cognitive services.


Registration Information

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