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In the News: Atomic Learning offers tutorials, workshops for students

Posted on Sep, 24 2012

Featured in: NDSU Spectrum, 9/20/12

Atomic Learning offers tutorials, workshops for students

By Hannah Dillon

Contributing Writer

NDSU subscribed to a service known as Atomic Learning partway through last year, and since that time, student and faculty participation has increasingly grown.

Atomic Learning is a partner company that provides tutorials and workshops for students to use.

Students are able to use Atomic Learning to supplement their class work or just to learn something new, while faculty and staff can assign certain tutorials or workshops to their students to save time on learning basic things like paper writing techniques.

NDSU faculty and staff can also use this service for their own education to further learn how to utilize the software they use on a daily basis.

Atomic Learning approached Distance and Continuing Education last year about their product, Connie Jadrny, the marketing, recruitment, and public relations coordinator for DCE, said.

Lisa Nordick, the director of DCE, thought Atomic Learning would benefit NDSU students, according to Jadrny.

“This is a great way to be able to go in and learn at your own time,” Jadrny said. “It’s kind of another way to pick up skills that are going to help you when you get out of college,”

Despite being supplied by DCE, Atomic Learning is available to all students, faculty and staff at NDSU for free.

All that is needed to access Atomic Learning is a Blackboard login or NDSU email credentials. This service can be accessed at any time of the day, which makes it convenient for students who do not always have a lot of time during the day, Jadrny said.

Atomic Learning offers both tutorials and workshops. Some workshops offered include APA and MLA research paper basics, avoiding plagiarism, how to be an effective online student and many more.

Atomic Learning boasts that it has thousands of application tutorials as well. These tutorials consist of different parts, or chapters, and users can skip chapters that they already know.

Some tutorials include how to use Photoshop, InDesign, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Facebook and more. It also supplies tutorials for applications such as Blackboard, which Jadrny says may be useful to new students.

To access Atomic Learning, please visit https://secure2.atomiclearning.com/sso/cas/ndsu.