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NDSU Graduate School Fair: Tips From the Presentations

Posted on Nov, 06 2012

The NDSU Graduate School Fair, held today (11/6/12) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., drew large crowds of students for their series of presentations. Presentation topics included:

  • Is graduate school right for me?
  • How do I pay for graduate school?
  • How do I write a statement of purpose?
  • Graduate student panel discussion

NDSU DCE staff took away the following tips from each of these presentations to assist you with your search for online graduate degrees at NDSU

Tip 1: If you find yourself asking "Why is a graduate degree important for me?"  Then you might be interested to know that with the increasing popularity of earning a bachelor's degree, you may no longer stand out from everyone else who is applying for the same jobs.  When you earn a master's degree you set yourself apart from everyone else and set yourself up for possible leadership roles.

Tip 2: Funding graduate school.  Did you know that you may be able to go to graduate school without increasing your student loan debt? If you are interested in an on-campus graduate degree there may be tuition assistance programs like graduate assistantships or other grant funding your can apply for.  If you are looking at an online graduate degree program, check with your employer, they may have tuition assistance programs you can take advantage of.

Tip 3: When writing a statement of purpose to accompany your graduate degree application, tell a personal story to make your application stand out.  This is especially important when applying to highly competitive programs.

Tip 4: Direct from NDSU graduate students, "Be prepared to be self-reliant, graduate school is a good place to learn about your independence and strength."


Do you have other tips about graduate school you would like us to share? Post your tips on Twitter using the hash tag #ndsuonline, we'll share them in future posts.